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I’m Christia Sale, and I am passionate about Eating on Purpose!

I have been obsessed with food and nutrition for a long time now. And I love the pleasure it brings to my life!

I have always had to watch what I ate. I am from a family of “Big Babe” women. We are big girls in stature and personality. Not fat, just big. Granted, I could easily be fat if I didn’t monitor my intake constantly.  But I don’t really mind. It’s a way of life. And honestly, I don’t feel good when I’m overweight.

Growing up, I belonged to a ballet company in Houston, where I had to weigh in every week. If you were considered over weight or looked that way, you were kicked out. Period! Yes, that was a lot of pressure for a girl who was from “Big Babe”-ville. So I started being conscious of what I ate from the age of 9, and had to be really careful til the age of 16. That’s when I decided that I had already grown taller than the guys in the dance company. It was time for me to either move to New York City to study ballet, or go on with my life. There was no way I could compete with those rail thin dancers in NYC, so I went on with my life. But by then, I was hyper sensitive to my weight and size, and I had ruined my metabolism from extreme dieting.  So I had to continue monitoring what I ate and how much I exercised. I didn’t have a great image of my body. And I’m still sensitive to my size. But I’ve also come to the reality that I’m never going to be the size of those models on the magazines. Like I said, I’m from planet “Big Babe” and have to accept that fact.

As an rational adult, I know that with my body frame I have to be realistic about what size I can maintain in a healthy manner. If I can just be as healthy as possible by eating clean, lean, and exercising, I will be happy.

Ok, back to food. It’s amazing how interesting food really is.  It’s not just fuel for the body. Food has always been an intricate part of our history. It has bonded strangers, been used a currency, kept us continually exploring the world.  Food adds fun, community and comfort to our lives, not to mention fuel for our actual existence! Food can bring people together, show your feelings for someone, and make everyday a celebration!

Food has also been used for medicinal purposes since be beginning of time. You will be surprised when I tell you the benefit each food will have on your body. So, when I give you a recipe, I will tell you why each ingredient is in there, and how it benefits your health. Talk about multitasking! Eating for fun AND for your health! I’m all over that!

Today’s marketing of what is “socially beautiful” has skewed the real definition of beauty. Beauty comes in multiple forms, and they’re not all size 2! Beauty comes in the form of a generous spirit, a genuine soul, a loving heart and a big smile! It also comes in the form of Nature. Flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, animals, landscapes, bodies of water… stop me!

The basic philosophy of Eating on Purpose is eating anything you can hunt, catch, pick or pluck. Another important detail is to eat your food in as close to it’s natural state as possible. And I don’t mean raw, I mean unprocessed. It’s easier than you think. And it saves you time and money!

No more processed food! No more cooking your food past recognition!

It’s time to start Eating on Purpose, and understanding why! And I’m here to show you and teach you!

Let’s get started!

Happy Living!


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  1. #1Val Matthews @ 2012-5-15 12:07

    I found your site earlier today and really like what you have included. I am curious though… are you still actively contributing to the site? Might you be interested in contributors to add material to the site? I, too, am a “foodie” and I am considering a website of a similar nature, but I am just getting started. I would be curious to know about the journey of “Eating on purpose” and what some of the challenges and triumphs have been.

    I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, I will continue to peruse and enjoy what you have here.

    Take care.

    Val Matthews

  2. #2Cindy @ 2012-6-7 16:11

    Hi there, I’m trying to reach Christia and could not find an email address. I publish an inbox magazine called Bliss Building that is designed for young, female recovered addicts that are seeking to create balance and bliss in their lives. Every now and then I like to feature an industry expert in my magazine and I believe that nutrition is a huge piece of this industry. After reading a few of your blog posts I feel they would be a perfect fit for my readers.

    I wouldn’t need any original content. In fact, after reading some of the articles you’ve already written I’d be honored if you’d simply allow me to republish one of those.

    Please let me know if you’re able to help me out. My inbox magazine goes out twice a week and I’d love to have you in next week’s issue.

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    Cindy Van Arnam

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