Salade Niçoise Makes Me Happy!

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How gorgeous is this? Everything I could possibily want in a salad!

Two of my favorite food gurus ever are Jaques Pepin and Julia Child. If you have never seen them in action, it is a must.

The dynamics between these two icons is totally entertaining.

I am a cookbook collector, but I also pride myself in my Jaques Pepin and Julia Child collection of cooking DVDs.

Together and separate, they are both a treat to watch in their full glory. Personality exudes from each one of them. A true treat to behold.

So, when I needed to come up with a menu for an evening of ladies chatting about, Salad Niçoise came to me. Something light, healthy and visually gorgeous.

I know what I wanted it to look like, having seen it before… but where did I see it?

Mais bien sur! On my Julia and Jaques Cooking At Home Collection on salads. Where else!

So out came the DVD set, put in the salads disk into my player, and was transported into the kitchen with them both. Now that is a dream I would have loved to experience.

I know I wanted the composed version of the classic salade niçoise but I wanted to use fresh tuna steaks. So, here is my version of combining two different versions of Jacques and Julia’s recipes.


Salade Niçoise

8 oz. haricot verts, blanched, shocked in ice water, drained

1 large red bell pepper, thinly sliced

1 large orange bell pepper, thinly sliced

2 cans artichoke hearts, marinated in evoo, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, dried oregano, salt & pepper

assorted colored grape and cherry tomatoes

1 lb. petite potatoes, assorted colors, boiled to fork tender in salted water (if you can’t find these, use baby potatoes & cut them into quarters)

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

black and green olives (kalamata & castelvetrano are great)

mixed greens

juice of one lemon

1 lb. fresh tuna steak

your favorite vinaigrette


Cover a large platter with mixed greens. Separately dress the potatoes and the green beans with the vinaigrette. Assemble the different veggies on the greens, with the red onion in the center, making a wagon wheel design, as seen in the photo above.

Cut the tuna into equal pieces, or into as many pieces as people you are feeding. You may need more tuna. Four to six ounces should be enough per person. In a medium hot skillet, sauté the fresh tuna in the vinaigrette until it is cooked medium, approximately 4 minutes on each side.

Place the tuna in center of platter on top of the onions. Lightly pour vinaigrette over each of the veggies and the tuna. It will flow down to dress the greens, but make sure you don’t use too much. Just lightly dress.

Sprinkle fresh lemon juice over the tuna and enjoy!


This salad makes me happy. Try it and you see why. Leave me a comment about how it turns out for you. We will compare notes.


Until next time,

Eat on Purpose!

Christia Sale

The Most SELFISH Woman in America!




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